Stretching for 1,000 kilometres parallel to the Pacific Ocean lies the driest desert on Earth, San Pedro de Atacama, offering a colourful contrast of different geological formations and landscapes that seem out of this planet. Witness salt beds, steep cliffs, turquoise lagoons, bizarre rock formations, bubbling geysers and imposing volcanoes. The enchanting village of San Pedro de Atacama, a green oasis of adobe homes and earthen streets, serves as the perfect gateway for exploring the awe-inspiring natural surroundings and the rich palaeolithic culture. From here, travellers can venture beyond San Pedro de Atacama towards the mesmerizing Bolivian Salar de Uyuni or the north of Argentina. 

Highlights: Experience a kaleidoscopic sunset at the Moon Valley, feel the volcanic activity under your feet at the largest geyser field of the southern hemisphere, try sandboarding in the dunes of Death Valley, meet flamingos at Chaxa and float effortlessly in the saline waters of Lagunas de Cejar.

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Norte Chico, located in the north of Santiago, is a rugged mountainous rea​​lm, where scenic valleys of arid and fertile lands blend with picturesque little towns of ancient Spanish churches. La Serena, the main city with beautiful architecture and a long coastline, leads to the mystical Elqui Valley, not only renowned for its abundant wineries and pisco distilleries but also for its connection to the enigmatic electromagnetic waves. The magic continues at night as the sky above this region remains crystalline and cloudless for over 300 days each year, making Norte Chico one of the most coveted destinations for stargazers and astronomers the world over. 

Highlights: Stargaze at one of the best observatories in the world, unveil the secrets behind the legendary Chilean pisco, discover the magic of Damas Island and its waddling inhabitants on a one-of-a-kind Humboldt penguin encounter and indulge in the gastronomy of La Serena.

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The vibrant capital city of Santiago seamlessly blends the charm of colonialism with modern architecture providing high-end accommodation, buzzing nightlife, great gastronomy and multiple parks and museums. Yet, the city’s allure extends far beyond its urban landscape since it serves as the perfect operational base to experience different getaways within a few hours. From the beach cities and the world-class vineyards of Colchagua, Casablanca and Maipo Valleys to the snow-laden peaks with amazing ski resorts, the possibilities are endless.

Highlights: Go skiing on the majestic Andes, wander the Bohemian and colourful streets of Valparaiso, indulge in a glass of Carmenere amid a horizon of vineyards and surf the mighty Pacific waves.

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Polynesian soul mingled with Chilean spirit, amidst the endless ocean blue, Easter Island remains as one of the most secluded and mystical places on Earth. Travelling to Easter Island is stepping into a world of mystery and wonder, where the thousand moai statues cast their solemn gaze upon a world that has long since changed, yet still echoes the legacy of a complex society. Today, we can sense the essence of the island's culture through the Rapa Nui people, its vibrant music and the exuberant Tapati festival.

Highlights: unwind at Anakena, a paradisiacal beach of white sand, turquoise water and coconut palm trees, delve into the multiple archaeological sites, trek up the volcano slopes and witness a mesmerizing sunset.

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True to its name, this region is a land scattered by hundreds of lakes and lagoons surrounded by towering snow-capped volcanoes, unreachable forests, waterfalls, beaches and diverse fauna. This natural wonderland is a year-round adventure with a myriad of outdoor activities. Puerto Montt is the gateway to the folkloric and mythologic archipelago of Chiloé, the Chilean Patagonia and the start of a cruise adventure. Its proximity to Argentina enables to expand the trip to the Argentinian Patagonia. 

Highlights: go skiing on the slopes of active volcanoes, soak in natural hot springs, hit the trails of national parks, go kayaking in its pristine blue lakes and journey into the heart of the Mapuche culture.

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Stretching over 1200 kilometres, this scenic route seamlessly connects remote corners and little towns of northern Patagonia, offering a mesmerising journey through enchanting landscapes that blend glaciers, mountains, fjords, volcanoes, rivers, lush forests, and multicoloured lakes, all surrounded by countless national parks. The resulting explosion of nature creates a breathtaking backdrop for a wide range of outdoor adventures and a perfect escape into the pristine and unspoiled wilderness. 

Highlights: Experience the thrill of world-class rafting in Futaleufu, trek across the awe-inspiring Exploradores Glacier, paddle through the stunning Marble Cathedral in General Carrera Lake, stroll through the enchanting streets of Caleta Tortel and navigate through the serene fjords.

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Torres del Paine National Park, the eighth wonder on Earth, where the Andes and the Patagonian steppe embrace, offering a landscape of snow-crowned peaks, icy lakes, surreal glaciers and hiking trails that are a treat for the soul. As far as the eye can see, nature's grandeur unfurls as an unbroken chain of breathtaking views. This region is also home to the untamed Tierra del Fuego, the largest island on the continent, where unspoiled and infinite Patagonian landscapes intertwine with solitude and calmness, recreating the perfect backdrop to unwind while connecting with nature. 

Highlights: make new friends at the King Penguin Colony, go whale watching, trek at the ends of the world at Cabo de Hornos National Park, experience the Patagonian life at a typical estancia, go horseback riding and get immersed in the beauty of Torres del Paine National Park.

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In the white continent of Antarctica lies an invitation to the unknown, a call to the adventurous spirit that beckons with its untrodden paths, untamed wilderness and unpredictable weather that can shift in a matter of minutes. 

Highlights: cruise through the icy waters, meet penguins, whales and seals, sail through the deeps Fjords and icebergs, disembark by zodiac and explore the vast landscapes.

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