Southbound is a dream shared by multicultural owners with a passion for travel, love for Chile and respect for doing business right. Driven by the core belief that so much of who we are, is where we have been, we specialise in handcrafting customised lifelong memories amid Chile’s pristine wilderness. From the world’s driest desert to the enchanting south with its millennia-old glaciers, lakes nestled at the base of towering volcanoes, challenging mountains, 6500 kilometres of coastline and legendary remote islands, there’s truly something to delight every traveller.

Our international team spread throughout different corners of the country brings to life travel experiences that are seamless from end to end and tailored to the specific needs and desires of our clients. To provide efficient and expedient service, we understand that innovation, creativity, marketing, communication and technology are vital.


Our mission is to inspire people to travel and explore the hidden gems of the farthest reaches of South America. We aim to unlock a goldmine of insights and expertise to go beyond and curate unique experiences that enrich people’s lives and broaden their horizons.


We aspire to become the foremost DMC in our market, with a strong commitment to our clients’ needs at the heart of our management. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves through innovative and customized solutions, high-quality advice and outstanding service.


Our conviction is that sustainability meets the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations. It is a balancing act, rooted in our deep respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace. To ensure we live up to this conviction, we have forged a strategic partnership with Travelife. Through this collaboration, we gain invaluable guidance on sustainable practices, enabling us to enhance our operational efficiency and bolster our product differentiation, while minimising waste and protecting our precious planet.

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From north to south, Chile's essence flows through our veins.
Our individual stories create a masterpiece of connection to our destinations.

Flo feels a deep connection to Chile through its landscapes and gastronomy. Born in Santiago and now settled in the coastal charm of Matanzas, where she has found her place amidst its beach lifestyle and sports. In her job, she delights in unveiling Chile's intricacies, exceeding travellers' expectations, and crafting unforgettable experiences that beckon them back.

Florencia Vargas

Ed possesses a fervent enthusiasm for the travel industry, recognising it not only as a realm for personal growth but also as a potent driver for sustainable economic development. Beyond work, his love for immersive reading, deep appreciation for history and passion for whitewater kayaking shape his diverse interests.

Eduardo Doerr
Commercial Manager

Paula brings dynamic energy to our team with her contagious passion for the tourism industry. Her desire to explore the world led her to study French in Belgium and worked on a Greek island, shaping her love for tourism and diverse cultures. Paula, a former foster parent and cat lover, enjoys connecting with communities and embracing the beauty of nature and rivers.

Paula Galindo
Operations & CS Manager

Originally from the Netherlands, René discovered his love for Chile during a backpacking journey through South America in 1993 and embarked on a transformative journey with Southbound. Beginning as a guide in Patagonia, René turned his passion for travel into a lifelong mission to showcase Chile's beauty to the world.

René ten Berg
General Manager

Born and raised surrounded by lakes and volcanoes in the south of Chile, Luis, our tech-expert, loves rock music, cooking and technology. Fueled by a deep passion for technology and a commitment to knowledge sharing, he believes that education plays a vital role in technological progress.

Luis Yagi
IT Manager

Carolina finds her connection to the country through its diverse geography and rich cuisine. Passionate about music, theater, cinema and nature walks, she has lived in the north, center and south of Chile. At Southbound, she discovered her place, inspiring her to foster positive change and joy in work. Her happy place is by the sea.

Carolina Naveillan
People Development Manager

John's multicultural upbringing in England and Argentina sparked a lifelong curiosity for travel. After studying psychology, destiny guided him to Torres del Paine, where he became a guide, shaping his career in tourism. A true nature lover, John enjoys serene treks, exploring Chile extensively and once sailed the Chilean Pacific coastline from north to south.

John Walbaum
Sales Manager

Coming from Santiago, Luz passionately shares the joy of travel. Through her quotes, she captures the essence of her experiences and weaves unique surprises. From her wedding vows on Easter Island to discovering Patagonia's hidden gems, every corner of Chile holds magic for her.

Luz Nilo
Sales Groups & MICE Manager

Xavier, originally from Ecuador, bridges his life to Chile through family bonds and his studies. His curiosity to new cultures, places and languages led him to tourism, an industry he believes brings joy to both the traveler and the architect of the journey. Xavier loves mountain and road cycling in the pristine nature of Chile.

Xavier Jaramillo
Finance Manager

Born and raised in a little town in Andalusia, Spain, Andrea ventured across the globe until she landed in the lush landscapes of southern Chile. Enveloped by nature's purity, she discovered a realm in tourism to nurture her fervor for travel and unleash her creative spirit.

Andrea Garcia

Hernán adores punk music, the sea, and exploring Chile and beyond. In the Products department, he sees the foundation for unforgettable travel. His conversational prowess and strong partner bonds unlock unique experiences. A skilled communicator, Hernán has enduring relationships with suppliers, offering vast knowledge from northern to southern Chile.

Hernan de Freitas
Product Manager

Patricia, a native of Puerto Varas, has been an integral part of Southbound since its inception. Her journey into tourism happened serendipitously, but it was fate that brought her to it. Patricia believes that knowledge knows no bounds. She radiates lively dynamism.

Patricia Estroz
Quality Supervisor